This is an idea I had a few years ago, right when I started to learn programming. But back ghiube-lucy-fox-easter-eggthen I haven’t had the skill to realize the game.

But now I’m here. A few years and hundreds of hours of learning and failing later. Still far away from being really good, but close enough to finally make a game out of this old idea. ;D

What is this?

Ghiube will be a simple puzzle game.
You control a little ghost, which awakens in a dark and old place. Next to it is a cube, which doesn’t look special, but the ghost has a unexplainable urge to take it with it.
So your main goal will be to get from one side of a room to the other and take this cube with you. But that won’t be easy.

More about the game

Ghiube is still in its earliest development. So there are only dummy graphics at the moment and the gameplay is still rough and unfinished.
But if you like to follow the development, either read the Journal, or follow my Twitter account. 🙂




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